The Importance of Jewelry in a Woman’s Life

Woman dressed in white wearing a necklace

Jewelry has been worn by both men and women for over a millennium. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that for the modern woman, jewelry has become an inseparable part of their daily attire. In fact, there are many women who wear specific women’s jewelry as an extension of their personality. But, for the modern woman, jewelry is used as a personal style statement that identifies who she is. So, why does there seem to be such a deep connection between women and jewelry?

The Importance of Jewelry Through the Ages

The connection between jewelry and the fairer sex dates back to ancient civilizations such as the Indus Valley Civilization which dates back 5,000 years. It is here where figurines of dancing girls wearing bangles were first discovered. This has been proof that women have always loved to wear jewelry.

The word “jewelry” is derived from the Latin word “jocale,” which literally translates to “plaything.” While jewelry was made from simple elements such as, copper and clay, nowadays, it is jewelry is anything but cheap. In fact, there is a certain thrill that can’t be explained when one wears a piece of jewelry that everybody knows is incredibly expensive. The kick that women get whenever they wear an expensive piece of women’s jewelry is akin to that of a man driving a Ferrari or Porsche.

Through the ages, both men and women have worn jewelry enthusiastically, from the Mughals to European aristocrats and royalty, wearing elaborate pieces of jewelry was seen as a privilege of high society. But, with time, men shunned the use of jewelry, while women have not. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there is hardly a woman today who would not love to wear jewelry, whether it’s a necklace, rings, earring or bracelet, every woman has a selection of jewelry that’s their most prized possession, and rightly so.

A Form of Self-Indulgence

There was once a time when jewelry was given to women by men not just to add to their beauty, but as an asset that they could use in future. However, nowadays, women wearing jewelry has less to do with enhancing one’s beauty and more as self-indulgence. This is mainly because the modern woman no longer needs a man to give them jewelry.

Women nowadays do not require the safety of gold assets anymore for securing their financial well-being. This shift in the mindset of women through the years has led to women’s jewelry being used as a form of self-satisfaction by those women who can afford to buy designer women’s jewelry. Keeping that in mind, the jewelry that’s worn by women today is more of a symbol of their social status, which is gladly flaunted by women who see themselves as strong, independent individuals. In that sense, the designer women’s jewelry that’s worn today has become more of a status symbol for many women.

Not Limited to ‘Hand-me-Down’ Jewelry

In many traditions, women are handed down jewelry from their mothers and grandparents. While the modern woman does wear the jewelry they receive from their elders in the family, and respect the gesture, they are no longer limited to just this form of ‘hand-me-down’ jewelry that’s seen in many homes and cultures.

The modern woman is also insistent on wearing the type of jewelry that they like to wear according to the occasion. This is where the design women’s jewelry niche is a booming industry. Whether it is gold, silver, diamonds or imitation jewelry, there is always a high demand for well-crafted women’s jewelry. Modern women are also not afraid to experiment with various jewelry designs and looks which means that the designer jewelry industry is only going to grow.

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